Генератор на премиум сметки на Zbigz 2017


Генератор на премиум сметки на Zbigz 2017


Are you looking for zbigz premium account? We bring for you the zbigz premium account generator with automated cookie injection process. Never know before right? Our cookie injection procedure makes your work lot simpler. Use our zbizg premium accounts, and benefit from the world of torrents unlimited. Download torrents at the speed of 100 mbps+, with immediate downloads. And many more qualities available with zbigz premium account. So stop downloading using utorrent which totally depended on seeders. And start downloading from your own download managers at a high speed. The main advantage downloading from zbigz is you don’t require any seeders, to get your download speed, they download it to their server and gives you with their remarkable speed. So why not acquire an premium account here ?. Our generator supports all modern famous browsers. You just require to pick your browser and click the generate button. Let the generator perform the rest for you. All the zbigz premium accounts are updated with new list each day. No black hat methods are followed. All are totally white hat and protected.



Zbigz premium account generator Features:

Fully automated procedure.

Automated cookie generation.

100% White hat method followed.

Includes proxy selection for an extra safety.

Matchless cookies are generated on each generation.



Zbigz premium account generator Instructions

Choose your browser.

Select even to use proxy ( We suggest to use proxy).

Click ‘Activate’ and activate the tool.

Click ‘Generate’ button.

Wait for a while.

Open your browser and navigate to zbigz.com.

You can see that you are logged in as a premium member.

That’s it, Enjoy Downloads!.



How to Install Zbigz Premium Account Generator?


Download Zbigz Premium Account Generator free from below.

you will get archive file extract it.

Install the file inside folder with EXPRESS installation.

As download complete run the tool.





Серверот 1 Преземи


Серверот 2 Преземи

*Забелешка: Изберете само Експрес опција за време на инсталацијата

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