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سافٽ ويئر ۽ گيم کي مڪمل طور تي مفت ڏيڻ لاءِ هيڪو سائيٽ

ڪي ايم ايس نانو پاڻمرادو هڪيڪيولر 2017


ڪي ايم ايس نانو پاڻمرادو هڪيڪيولر 2017


KMSnano Automatic Activator فائنل مڪمل هڪ وڌيڪ مناسب KMS آهي (چاٻي انتظام سروس) مائڪروسوفٽ ونڊوز لاءِ (استعمال ڪندڙ) انهي سان گڏ مائڪروسوفٽ آفيس 2017. تنهن ڪري اهو KMSnano پاڻمرادو هڪٽيلسٽر غير رجسٽرڊ مائڪروسوفٽ آفيس کي فعال ڪرڻ لاءِ استعمال ڪيو ويندو آهي 2017 ۽ ونڊوز 8. It is genuine Device that runs within Windows and activates the Volume License version for Windows.


What are the basic Requirements to use KMSnano?

To run KMSnano it needs the Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft .net framework 4.0. It means that if we want to activate the unregistered Windows 8 using KMSnano then it require nothing. However if you need to activate the volume license for Microsoft Office 2017 then it requires .net framework 4.0.

How to run KMSnano Automatic Activator

You need Latest Version of Net frame work and just follow the below screen shots

How to Use KMSnano Automatic Activator 2017 ?

  • Download KMSnano Automatic Activator Free from Below servers
  • Choose any server that you like
  • After download extract with winrar software
  • Install it without changing any installation option
  • After express instal you need to wait for few minutes
  • You see shortcut on Desktop to run KMSnano Automatic Activator
  • Just choose your edition and click on activate thats it.

ڪي ايم ايس نانو پاڻمرادو هڪيڪيولر 2017 Can Activate Followings

  • Microsoft Office Visio 2017
  • Microsoft Office Project 2017
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office 2017
  • Microsoft Office Visio 2017
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Professional
  • Windows Vista Professional And more x)
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office Project 2017
  • Microsoft Office 2017



Mirror 1

Mirror 2





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