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  7. Умар Хан мехсуд

    How I open my account cuz someone change password and email now I can’t open??

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    мин поражен, күреп,Ул эшли …. great effort sir

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  16. Нейтан

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    Facebook Пароль Хакер 2017 nice post.

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    its working

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  27. اسلام وعلیکم،
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  28. शार्क

    प्रत्येक पोस्ट धेरै राम्रो छ मैले यो प्रयोग गरेको छु

  29. abdulrehman

    merii id mery friend k pas chalii gaiii 🙁 me kia karuu plzz bata doo

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